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Lens Neurofeedback

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Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) is another service we are proud to offer. This process is often times seen as an alternate method to medication for a very wide variety of brain based problem. For many patients, taking medication is not a viable or preferable option. Luckily, Lens Neurofeedback exists as a treatment option and is pain free and non-invasive. This intervention is also backed by research and proven to have long lasting effects on creating brain change that improves quality of life.

Assessing a Candidate for Lens Neurofeedback

Many people with a wide variety of brain-based conditions are prime candidates for Lens Neurofeedback. Many individuals find themselves tense, rigid, and stuck in patterns. For many of these individuals, psychotherapy and Lens treatment in combination are the best answer for them. Lens is ultimately designed to make the brain more open and flexible to incoming changes and can relax and reduce the overall brain tension and stress in one’s life to help with a variety of symptoms such as fidgeting, smoking, insomnia, and more.

Lens Neurofeedback Treatment

The process of Lens neurofeedback treatment involves relaxing while a licensed professional applies small electrodes to the scalp to both measure and emit treatment. While that may sound scary, the treatment is 100% pain free and the signal being brought to your head is weaker than that of many common electronics you use on a day to day basis. Therefore, it is entirely safe. By emitting various signals, the brain can e trained to allow one to feel more calm, relaxed, and in control of ones own emotions after a number of sessions have been completed.

Licensed Professionals in Lens Neurofeedback

Our professionals have years of experience in not only assessing if someone is a good fit for Lens neurofeedback treatment, but also implementing the treatment itself. Our team members care about each of our patients and are committed to educating them on the process so that they feel completely relaxed throughout their course of treatment. Our team members will explain the equipment they are using as well as the changes our clients can expect to benefit from too--both psychological and physiological changes.

Lens Neurofeedback Computer Based System

Our Lens Neurofeedback uses lower intensity mechanisms to map and treat the targeted segments of the brain and allow our team to directly see how the treatment is progressing and make modifications if/when the need arises. By using the computer system to analyze speed of brain waves, mood changes, energy, focus, and mental clarify Lens can help our team regulate and give individuals control of their emotions and lives once again.