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Neurofeedback for ADHD

Attention to details. Worried young mother telling doctor about the symptoms of her daughter and he listening attentively and making notes while the girl undergoing electroencephalography

Neurofeedback is a high-efficiency and effectiveness centered technique that is historically proven to be beneficial in reducing symptoms and improving outcomes for recipients who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). With ADHD affecting around 3-5% of school aged children, many parents have wondered where to turn to. Thankfully, Neurofeedback for ADHD has proven highly effective at treating the symptoms of ADHD and improving the condition of many children and adults alike in the long-term.

Assessing ADHD

With ADHD now being the most common neurobehavioral disorder found in children today, many parents are finding that they do not know where to turn when suspecting their child has this condition. Many parents notice the telltale symptoms of difficulty focusing, high activity levels, deficits in organization, and more. However, often time medication based treatments aren’t enough to solve the situation. Our professionals will take a closer look and offered and individualized approach for emphasizing the strengths of your child and designing a treatment plan that will help them take control of their life and learning once again.

Neurofeedback ADHD Treatment

Medications can most certainly help people with ADHD, but often times the negative side effects or lack of lasting results deter patients from them. Additionally, medications do not have the same ability as neurofeedback in targeting the specific area of the patient’s brain through advanced brain mapping and offering a specialized patient plan of care. Neurofeedback is a more natural solution that can alter the brain’s electrical activity and show the brain how to learn in a method that is sure to last in the long run.

Licensed Professionals in ADHD Treatment

Our licensed professionals have extensive experience with ADHD treatment and know that no two cases are exactly the same. They are very familiar with reading Brain Maps to assess for reduced activity in the brain’s attention centers and work tirelessly to not just make the problem go away but to actually treat the root cause of ADHD and help our clients learn to live and be successful in their lives with ADHD before, during, and after neurofeedback treatment.

Neurofeedback Technology

Research has supported the use of neurofeedback technology in patients for its ability to target the specific area of the brain and its proven reduction of impulsivity, lack of attention span, and hyperactivity when compared to other methods of intervention. Our technology can pinpoint the attention networks in the brain and accurate assess the brain function with our quantitative analysis.