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Neurofeedback for Anxiety

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Sometimes it can be hard to draw the line between feeling anxious and suffering from chronic and extreme anxiety conditions. Luckily, neurofeedback for a anxiety allows a clear line to be drawn for identifying and outlining anxiety based conditions due to its brain mapping capabilities and targeted interventions. Through the assessment and treatment of anxiety with neurofeedback the life of not only the patient, but also their loved ones, will be massively improved in the short and long term!

Assessing Anxiety

No matter the degree of severity or specific anxiety-related diagnosis, we want to help every one of our patients who is facing anxiety in any way, shape or form. By performing an individualized anxiety assessment, we are able to best identify your unique needs and outline a course of action moving forward to see if you are a good candidate for neurofeedback intervention. Our assessments are aimed at helping us fully understand the big picture with your anxiety, while also providing you with educational resources to improve your quality of life which may include neurofeedback intervention.

Neurofeedback Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety disorders affect a large part of the population, but often go ignored. Additionally, many patients go through years of treatment that seeks only to mask their anxiety symptoms rather than get to the root of the issue which lies in mapping the brain. Thankfully, neurofeedback treatment takes an entirely different approach and outlines the specific areas of the brain triggering the anxiety disorder while simultaneously analyzing other lifestyle factors that are taking place that could prevent treatment from lasting and being successful.

Licensed Professionals for Treating Anxiety

Our licensed mental health professionals have seen anxiety manifest in many different forms with many different degrees of severity. Moreover, our team members have experience of treating patients with anxiety across all the different age groups and the factors that age plays in anxiety and the viable treatment options are apparent to them. Our team knows how difficult life with anxiety or raising someone with anxiety can be, and they focus on playing an emotional support role in addition to providing the neurofeedback therapy.

Neurofeedback Technology

Research consistently advocates for the use of neurofeedback in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Our neurofeedback brain mapping technology enables us to analyze patient brains for anxiety profiles or areas of excessive activation in any realm of the fear network within the human brain. We target the relevant areas of the brain to create lasting change and better outcomes for our clients seeking treatment for their anxiety disorders.