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Neurofeedback for Autism

Poor little girl getting her brain analyzed at laboratory

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s have been becoming increasingly prevalent throughout society and are some of the hardest to understand disorders currently existing in our world. Neurofeedback is an individualized approach that takes into account the wide variety of symptoms and manifestations of disorders that can exist along the Autism Spectrum, and allows a thorough treatment to create breakthroughs in those who are struggling to live and cope with disorders in a world that does not presently full understand them.

Assessing Autism

Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger’s often begin to present at a young age, but it can be difficult to pinpoint because no two children with the disorder are the exact same. Parents often site difficulty with socializing, rigidity, communication, and emotional difficulties breaking through. However, at Neurofeedback Las Vegas we make it our utmost priority to assess a person’s unique situation with autism to find where they fall on the spectrum and how they can best be helped. We work to keep the patient comfortable and do so with the help of our amazing team and cutting edge minimally invasive treatment we use throughout the treatment process.

Neurofeedback Autism Treatment

When treating a patient with autism it is so important to be aware of their various vulnerabilities and preferences so that they may be comfortable and have the best chance of positively responding to interventions such as neurofeedback. Research has shown many major improvements in behavioral, social, and emotional regulation and physical brain changes in patients with these disorders. Many studies show improvement quickly that has lasted a very long time for the patients, which is the best outcome once can hope for!

Licensed Professionals for Treating Autism

It is our top priority for our patients to feel comfortable and safe during and after their experience with Neurofeedback Las Vegas. Our professionals have direct experience with working with patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders and know how to carefully establish boundaries unique to these patients to ensure their comfort. Additionally, our licensed professionals know how to recognize when a patient is feeling distressed and quickly remedy the situation and identify when it is time for the patient to have a break.

Neurofeedback Technology

Neurofeedback technology has proven, so far, to be a big breakthrough in getting brain change responses in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s. Like some other conditions, it is common in this one to see excessive emotional activation and fear activation in the brain, which the treatment can target directly with the help of brain mapping. Moreover, neurofeedback can further impact quality of life by detecting anxiety and depression prevalence in brain mapping and adequately responding to these conditions that the patient may not have been able to otherwise identify for providers.