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Neurofeedback for Depression

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Neurofeedback for depression is a newer, but nonetheless cutting-edge intervention offered to clients who are suffering from depression. The process of using neurofeedback as an intervention for depression centers on locating the region of the brain that needs to be targeted in our process and progressing from there. We work with our clients whether they have a formal diagnosis or not to get up to speed on their condition and viable treatment options. We always want our clients to know that we do not offer one-size-fits all treatments, and are concerned more so with their specific situation.

Assessing Depression

We have a very thorough mechanism for assessing our patients for depression to ensure the treatment plan we create for them is relevant and accurate for their diagnosis. We take time to talk with the client and complete an interview to analyze their various symptoms and recommend immediate action to ensure client safety. We also impose a number of different test to analyze a wide variety of other neuropsychological components such as mental flexibility, learning, memory, attention, and more.

Neurofeedback Depression Treatment

As stated previously when implementing neurofeedback treatment for depression specifically we want to focus our efforts to brain mapping of the patient to ensure we are targeting the proper areas to create a lasting intervention. Research exists on depression and the various areas of the brain and we have found that this simple, noninvasive practice has been successful in positively altering the brain for patients who are suffering from depression. We can balance brain activity between the left and right frontal areas of the brain and have been proven to show mood improvements in our patients.

Licensed Professionals

Our licensed professionals are trained not only at implementing the neurofeedback treatment, but also at ensuring they are seeing the problem holistically before making any moves to correct it. Our professionals are experts and analyzing and reacting to the information outlined on the brain maps of our patients. We are highly familiar with analyzing the primary profiles of depression and even the more unique brain profiles that may exist as well. We don’t merely want to cover up the depression, our licensed professionals are intelligent enough and committed to targeting the problem at its source!

Neurofeedback Computer Based System

Our computer-based system for neurofeedback treatment allows the process to be safe, non-invasive, and even relaxing for our patients—not to mention extremely effective! By slightly altering the brain’s electrical activity you train your brain and navigate towards goals through a reward-based system. Our team will use this research supported technology to make you feel at ease throughout your treatment process.