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Neurofeedback for PTSD

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Neurofeedback is an up and coming treatment mechanism that has showed very high and long-lasting rates of success with patients currently afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Research backs up the fact that in many instances neurofeedback treatments have been shown to significantly reduce symptoms and episodes in both children and adults who have PTSD. This treatment has also been proven far easier to tolerate than other forms of treatment for PTSD and has been effective in adults as well. The effectiveness also far supersedes that of other interventions over long periods of time for patients with PTSD.

Assessing PTSD

Many of our patients come to us unsure of what exactly they are afflicted with. Many suspect PTSD may be present, but haven’t been able to pinpoint this at any other point in time. We take the time with each individual to not only ask questions, converse, and monitor their behaviors, but also to recognize PTSD as soon as possible. We can detect the symptoms that reflect our patients may be experiencing some aspects of a previously present trauma once again. A formal assessment conducted by our experts is the first step we will take in outlining a treatment for a patient’s PTSD.

Neurofeedback PTSD Treatment

Neurofeedback is often a great fit for our patients with PTSD due to its minimally invasive nature that does not expose them to hard to tolerate exposure treatment. We work closely to measure treatment outcomes with our clients and look especially closely at those working through trauma associated difficulties. Additionally, neurofeedback is a great option for those who have not seen improvement from treatment via medication or psychotherapy. Ten weeks of neurofeedback has consistently resulted in massive benefits for patients with PTSD and with our varying schedule plans we can find a plan that works best for you or your loved one.

Licensed Professionals in PTSD Treatment

Our licensed professionals have worked with neurofeedback machines and therapies for many years, and have spent many years working with PTSD patients as well. They know the study of neuroscience and how to detect excessive cortical activation within PTSD patients. Additionally, they know how to isolate and identify unique brain profiles for special cases among PTSD patients. You can feel confident that our licensed professionals will know where to focus on to ensure the best outcomes from the treatment process.

Neurofeedback Technology

As stated previously, our neurofeedback technology is minimally invasive and utilizes brain mapping to show us what is going on inside the client’s brain without the harmful and difficult exposure methods sometimes used in other forms of PTSD therapies. This technology is able to be hosted at our neurofeedback centers and we have the best most reliable technology in our hands at Neurofeedback Las Vegas.