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Neurofeedback Las Vegas - Services

Neurofeedback Las Vegas is the best practice in the area offering services in neurofeedback. We offer not only the widest variety of services, but also the highest quality of patient specific services in the industry to date! We have become masters at neurofeedback and are prepared to take on most any challenges. We always remind our clients that even if they have not yet been able to put a label on their condition, we will work to assess them and design a treatment plan that will work for them not only in the present, but also for sustainability of the neurological and mental health in the years to come.

We offer an extensive variety of service at affordable rates in the form of customized plans for our diverse clients who seek out our assistance. We are able to do this due to our years of experience in the industry. We never compromise the quality of our care for any reason, and work to implement a plan that works with the lifestyles of our clients as w e know it can be hard to make ten to twenty week commitments at any given time. When you seek out Neurofeedback Las Vegas, you can feel more than confident that you or your loved one is in the best hands for this job. We are proud to presently offer the following services to our clients in the Las Vegas, Nevada area:

  • Neurofeedback for Depression
  • Neurofeedback for PTSD
  • Neurofeedback for ADHD
  • Neurofeedback for Anxiety
  • Neurofeedback for Autism
  • Lens Neurofeedback